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Teen: Good for you! I told my married son that I had found a bunch of tools as I was sorting through things and he said “You can never get rid of tools.” Maybe I need to put a sign on the extras reminding him he said to save them. Lol! I did that with our old phones that he wanted me to store. 🤷‍♀️

Mkotch: Nice surprise finding money and things from your MIL. I found almost 30 dollars total in gift cards when I was cleaning last week. That made me happy. Cleaning under my stairs is a project I hope to undertake in a few months. I know there are tractors, trucks, and other toys that belong to my sons which I will keep for my grandson to play with in a few years. Also there are household things along with boxes that have items that haven’t been needed since our move to this house 34 years ago. Lol!

Way to go, Rob, Julienm1, and petthefabric.

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