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I am also "alone", so to speak and I love the doing but no one to really share with. Luckily I work at a very small company that is involved in the arts and my boss is all about sharing our creative efforts. We have show and tell and a spot to display anything we want others to enjoy. I am fortunate and grateful to have this outlet.

I will never use all the quilts I make and donating them to people in need has great satisfaction. Just knowing that they can be used is enough whether or not anyone finds them attractive, they are still appreciated.

Imagine a baby going home from the hospital wrapped in a quilt you made, a woman fleeing to a shelter with nothing to escape violence wrapped in a quilt you made, imagine a family losing a home from a disaster wrapped in a quilt you made, a veteran receiving a quilt of valor. There are so many outlets to both be grateful for having the ability to create and then sending them out into the world to be of use.
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