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Originally Posted by JENNR8R View Post
I'm thinking about rejoining, but I won't have my sewing room set up for at least another couple of months so I might have to pass again this year. I've been in the process of remodeling the house I bought in May that was built in 1952. It has turned into a money pit!

One question on the rules. I thought "Feedback" went away when the Daily Digests did. How is that done?
You are correct, the feedback process we used before is gone. Just letting folks know they received packages, that they were stunning, on time, beautiful, interesting, just what I needed, and that sort of thing in the thread is want I meant. Us old timers remember the days of posting "feedback" differently.

I would love to have you back with the "Swappers" but you should do what is best for you. Pop back in now and again to take a peek at what is going on. It would be lovely to see some photos of your house redo whether you join in or just lurk.
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