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Originally Posted by SusieQOH View Post
tropit- it's not hard at all to make your own products and they are wonderful. My sister and I use them all the time. That's about all the "cooking" I do lol. My husband is the cook of the house. He would love your posts, in fact I show him many
(((SusieQOH))) Thanks! I was a Bio major in college and my very favorite classes were the labs, especially the chemistry lab. Cooking and chemistry are really the same thing, except the cooks don't get the same kudos as the scientists.

Which reminds me...I was an "older" student when I went back to college (mid 30s, 2 little kids, full time job,) and my chemistry lab partner was a young man, who seemed to find pleasure in labeling me, "the little housewife," and told me, "to go back home to the kitchen where I belonged." (True story!) He was always sabotaging my experiments. I was a good student, so it could hurt my grade point average, if I didn't do well. He was a terrible student who was barely passing. I totally, "flubbed," the last experiment that we were working on together and darn...he didn't pass the class and had to take it over. Just "desserts," I say. (A intentional play on words.)
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