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Both of the above quilts were given to my brother after his house fire.
Quilt 1: How it started: This was to be used in our family room for the Grands to use.
How it became a UFO: After getting the blocks sewn I was unsure about what to use for vertical strips. It seemed to be a very dark quilt. I had the outer borders already cut. So it sat. I took it out about 18 months ago and still didn't know what to do.
How I finished it: After the fire I wanted a quick project for my brother so I bit the bullet, made a decision pulling from stash the light shirting and called it done!

Quilt 2: How it started and became a UFO: When my sister moved into a nursing home, my other sister sent a couple of her quilt tops for me to finish and donate as my older sister's intentions. After we lost the older sister last summer this remaining top was still a UFO.
How I finished it: Again seeing my brother's need, I added the brown and gold borders to make this scrappy larger. Now it's a perfect sofa throw especially after added from stash a brown lodge themed flannel as backing. I got these up to him before Christmas
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