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Hi Everyone,

Ever since I discovered quilting, and invested in my Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, and Babylock Jazz II machines, and sewn for nearly a year now, along with going crazy on purchasing threads and fabrics, I have to think I have gone bonkers. I have been enjoying myself so much, even if my regular day only consists of maybe 30 minutes of sewing machine time.

I recently picked up a sewing project for the local non-profit organisation "Sky's the Limit" Observatory and Nature Center. They needed some Orrery flag replacements. I made one for Jupiter and one for Saturn out of regular cloth three layers thick as temporary flags. I decided to try my hand at doing graphics on each flag to represent each Planet.

I used my Singer to stitch out things once i drew the graphics on the fabric. But I didn't know what I was doing, so I ended up very slowly going in circles, or using small zig zags to fill things in or outline things. Picture of Saturn attached. It's quite amateurish.

But, as things go, I am totally interested in embroidery, and how it is done. And also just what machine would be right for someone just starting. The only thing I really would want as an extra is the ability to import a graphic into the machine, and be able to size it to fit whatever sized hoop the machine comes with. I don't have lots of money to try something I might not stick with.

Any suggestions on a machine that is reliable, and does a good job. I saw one review on a Singer that was not very good, so I am guessing this Singer machine, model unknown, is not in the running, even though it was around $700, which was just over my top price range.
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