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Thanks All, After a lot of research, watching videos, and listening to All of You here on the Forum, I've decided that embroidery is way out of my league, price wise.

I've also watched some videos on free handed embroidery with a regular sewing machine. That's kind of what I did when I created those rough things called Jupiter and Saturn on three layers of cloth. What I found was I was doing it the hard way, without a darning foot, but somehow managed to do it with a regular foot, and with the feed dog up.

I figure if I can accomplish what I did with doing things wrong, I just might be able to do it the correct way. So, instead of laying down several thousand dollars on something I might not stick with, I will try free handed embroidery on my Baby Lock Jazz 2 sewing machine. And I believe doing this will also teach me some control for when I do free handed quilting.

Thanks again.
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