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Originally Posted by featherw8love View Post
Work on finding a ruler foot first...I'd be interested to see if one is made for the vintage machines. Learn as much as you can about the machine too, and maintenance FM on the vintage can be challenging as you're battling 50-60-80 years of someone changing parts of your I know personally I've struggled in just the normal freemotion.

Can you freemotion on it? Have you just tried doodling on a stack successfully?
Thanks for the advice! I got the machine through a family member (now deceased). I'm not sure if she bought the original machine directly from singer but the machine has definitely not been in that many hands since she had it most of her life. I'm also about 20 miles from the original place it was manufactured so I'm pretty sure if there were any replacements it would have been with singer parts.

Yes, I think I will have to make sure I find a ruler foot that works before investing in any rulers. I haven't tried to free motion quilt yet but I did order a walking foot.
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