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Originally Posted by lcor View Post
Ah that makes sense on matching the ruler size to the high/low shank. Yes I've read that there is a difference of opinions on the feed dogs so I'll have to experiment a bit. I've heard of Westalee more than a few times so I'll try to check them out. I just wish it was a bit more obvious what I should order for the 15-91
You can't get better advice from anyone than Annette (quiltedsunshine). She works in a quilt shop, repairs sewing machines and teaches quilting. She could not be more obvious about the feet. Buy the Westalee foot. You can't go wrong. That's what everyone says, not just me or Annette.

Other than feet for a certain brand of machine (Bernina uses only Bernina feet), the four kinds of feet are short, slant, high and extra high. The 15-91 takes short shank feet. Period. There are no questions or doubts about that.


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