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Default Harriet's Journey BOM

Originally Posted by Macybaby View Post
on the fence about getting the kindle version or hard copy. I bought SBS digital version, and it came with a link to download all the templates and that worked well. Only problem was that the settings on my tablet need to be adjusted so it stops going to sleep after 5mn of not touching it.

I'd prefer several blocks a week. In looking at them, they don't seem too hard. When I did the 365block challenge that was a block a day, and that did get to be a bit much to keep up on. I normally tried to do the 7 for the week on the weekend.

I might be kind of weird, but I really like doing several blocks at one time. I cut them all and then sew what I can until I need to press for each block, then press them and trim, and then go to the next round.
I have prepared all the foundation papers ahead of starting - so can just go to the block I want to make. I will post so many each month and am looking forward to seeing further blocks you might want to choose yourself !
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