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Originally Posted by OurWorkbench View Post
I'm not sure if it will help, but I searched for "reset password" and found an old (from 2011) post that may address your problem.
I don't know if it is still accurate, but it says "When you receive your new password use it right away. It will only work for 24 hours"

Another possibility, may have to do with your "User CP" If you click on "User CP" there is a link on the left side entitled "Edit Your Details." When you click on that it will go to a new page that has "Email & Password" at the top. Then you can click on "Edit Email & Password" You will need to fill that in and confirm new password. Make sure you go to the bottom of the page to click on "Save Changes"

The "User CP" is located on the tan bar that also has- FAQ Community Calendar New Posts Search Quick Links

I hope this helps

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THANK YOU! I do know all that, I've used the password change link immediately, (5 times!) I think I am doing everything they say to do, but when I log out or it logs me out - that new password then returns invalid. ugh. Today am trying it on my laptop, not the iPad, and will see. next is the total new account stuff - but I really don't want to do that. I just want to be able to log in when I need to - no password reset. more ugh.
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