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The site not remembering your password is a clear indicator that the cookie file that is responsible for storing the data is no longer functioning.

Fully deleting the Cache AND Cookies, then re-starting the browser should resolve your issue.

If it persists, then it's time to review any browser extensions you may be running that would be interfering with the site. If you have browser extensions you aren't using or can live without, try disabling some and see if that helps out.

I just saw your latest post showing you are using an iPAD. If you are using Safari, go into SETTINGS>SAFARI and click on "Clear History and Website Data" Then restart Safari and re-login making sure to check the remember me button.

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Thank you - I cleared cookies, checked the USER CP, turned the iPad on/off, no luck yet! (still working from the computer and this morning's newest password!!! LOL!
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