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Originally Posted by Charliexx View Post
Looking for information, bobbins and needles. So far I have found nothing.
I am restoring my wife’s grandmother’s machine.
Serial number. 646926
Welcome. I think it is great to restore family heirloom machines. My guess that it was a machine made by another company/
"Back in the day" if a company bought so many machines from a manufacturer the company could put any name they wanted. According to Needlebar, it could be a Standard or Goodrich manufactured machine. With that being said, that doesn't mean that there could not be another manufacturer that had their machines stenciled with the name "Roberts" on it.

It would depend on who the manufacturer and which machine yours is as to the the bobbins and needles it uses. Standard made machines could take 15x1 or 20x1 needles. I think most of the Goodrich ones used 20x1 needles. The 15x1 needles are the needles that are used for most modern domestic machines.

It would really help to have a picture of your machine. We like pictures. In order to post pictures on Quilting Board, you will probably need to reduce or compress the picture to a file size that is smaller than 2MB. How to post images can be found at
Don't forget to scroll over to the far right to find and click on the "Upload" button.

I have found that only the big red "Reply" button or "Quote" work to give me the paper clip icon to work for adding pictures.

Some additional info regarding reducing images at post #4 and images for the scroll and upload button can be found at #5 of

I used to go to Needlebar and look through their gallery. Unfortunately, it is no longer around. It had been a great resource. Probably someone can identify who the manufacturer was if you post a picture.

Sometimes a serial number is not all that helpful for some of these machines, but sometimes one can get a general idea of the age by the style of machine or how long the company was in business.

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