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Default Harriet's Journey BOM

Originally Posted by Blueridgebeverly View Post
WMUTeach, I wanted to mostly rely on fabric I already have on hand for the project. I have a jelly roll and charm of Edyta Sitarís Super Bloom collection. I noticed most of the cuts for the blocks are less than 5Ē .... so I think this will get me started. I can buy more later or pull from my stash.

The collection doesnít have green prints, but it does have a dark khaki and a light khaki that Iíll try to substitute for green. I may decide to pull green in from other collections if I find something I like. It also doesnít have gold, but I have a tan print on hand I think will work in place of gold. I will need to buy fabric for the border.
Sounds really nice !!
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