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Good morning everyone and thank you all for your replies ! It must look as though I have been absent from QB, but I haven't had any notifications in my emails from QB that you have replied and also if I come off QB - even for a short time - I have to Log In again, which seems pretty tiresome ! Am I doing something wrong ?
Thanks for introducing yourselves and the photos of your blocks, you are really excited to make a start aren't you ha ha !!! The colours you have chosen are so nice and I love your Whig Rose Teen - that is one block I will probably substitute for myself - applique and I just don't get on, so I will pop some blocks from my Loyal Union Sampler quilt for those - unless of course I see your examples and I am spurred on to try !!!!
It is a beautiful morning here in the UK - the sun is shining and the first daffodil has appeared in my garden. I am just praying that the very slow lifting of lockdowns can start soon and - PERHAPS we can start to get back to some sort of normality !!!
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