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Originally Posted by Blueridgebeverly View Post
DottyD, first daffodil! Iím so ready for Spring. We still have a foot of snow in our backyard ... and now ice too as the snow melts. Itís still quite the trek out to the bird feeder. But I think it will melt this week with warming temperatures.

You mentioned you live about an hour south of London? In the Surrey Hills? Iíve read that area is spectacularly beautiful. Lots of small picturesque villages and nature parks. My husband is a hiker (Iím more of a shopper) and that is an area weíve looked at visiting.
Hope things warm up for you soon !
I am actually in north Hampshire but very close to Surrey and Berkshire. I agree we have some beautiful areas very close to us, although my favourite places are Devon and Cornwall ! You will have to let me know if you do ever venture over to the UK !!
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