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Default Harriet's Journey BOM

Originally Posted by Battle Axe View Post
Some more about me. Please don't be put off by the screen name. It's what my first husband called me and he is long gone. He ran off with an elderly (???) widowed grandmother when I was just 40 and he was 44. She was 55. We met her in Sunday School!!!!. She just took one look at him and moved over to sit next to him, told him that if he was ever free, she was available.

I worked nights and they began a relationship right under my nose. I had no clue what so ever. He had gotten up out of bed and said to me...."I am going to leave you. I am going to find a 55 year old woman who can take better care of me than you can." And he left. I have yet to respond to that statement. There was nothing for me to say. That was in 1986. I guess I have a few choice words for him now, but that is water under the bridge. I still think he thought she had money and she thought he had money and neither one had a dime. I ended up with all the property. They married and were divorced within a year when it was discovered that they had apparently tricked each other. I am still single and have provided for my self a good life. There are times when I feel like the little red hen.

When we were still married, I asked if I could join a group and make a quilt. He said no. He now lives in a burned out trailer and I have a large paid for house. My fabric stash is extensive and my Amish neighbor just called and wants me to take her to a fabric store!!!!! Oh joy!!!!!!!

As for 8 yards of background, I have this bolt that is light with a light blue pattern. I've often wondered what to do with that. I must get my camera-computer-picture back in sync.

Hi Marcia,
Great to have you join us here and hope you enjoy making this project with us all.

Sounds as though you have had some tough times but come through it and I am so pleased you are happier now.
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