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The one in Nappannee, IN.
She is an Amish lady and soooo much fun.

If you are interested in quilt shops in my area, try to look up a thread I had on this board about gong to 13 quilt shops in 2 days. There are several really good ones around here, but if I could only go to one it would be this one. Delores has a bent for purchasing the best fabric. When I look through my stash, I can tell the ones I found at her shop. Rose says she has gobs of panels.

Essenhaus and Lolly's are close seconds. Next is Yoder's Dept. Store. Remember also we lost 5 quilt shops within driving distance. The one in Rome City is worth mentioning.

Can someone find that old thread and post it and enjoy it again. This area is a quilter's bonanza. I'm just sorry that the auctioneers in charge of the sales are stuck on hand quilted.
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