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This thread is making me take a really hard look at my fabric and how I store/use it.
  • Unopened jelly rolls on a shelf playing well together. Partially used jelly rolls rolled up by color and secured by rubber bands in a plastic container.
  • Fat quarters on a shelf not sorted by color but looking at them I just may sort by color and have prints aside.
  • Comic boards stored by color. Yardage on comic boards...then I take the board out to use for smaller cuts.
  • Comic boards also have larger than f/c smaller than yardage.
  • Batiks stored separately and so are Christmas fabric.
  • Walmart had clear shoe storage boxes on sale and I bought a lot. Storing charms and less than fat quarters by color. (Theses boxes look so pretty.)
No matter how you store your fabric it is a big job when you start to organize. But once it's done, you'll love it. Prior to this I had all my fabric sorted by color and each plastic container had one color.
Good luck. Keep us posted.
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