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I love using rulers on my LA and have (too) many. Like Tartan and others I suggest you get a nice straight edge(some have a more curved edge on the opposite side) and a curve to start. While I have a ton of rulers I find that some get much more use: my Linda Taylor "Electric Quilts" rectangle--it's about 5" wide and 8" long and fits into my hand easily. And my DeLoa Jones boomerang curves and a similar set from Julia Quiltoff. Then I have a little Dusty Farrell that is straight on one side and a perfect 3" curve on opposite--perfect for continuous curves.
I find the ones that snap together to form the shape (I have circles, ovals, hexie) are awkward and require much taking apart unless you are doing a line of connected shapes. Another kind that I rarely use are those that are about 18-24" long--they tend to tip off the ruler base and I've hit several (knock machine timing off). I do have one Quilter's Apothecary (Jamie Wallen) but find that the handle bothers me--maybe too many years in my youth on the drafting table. You absolutely do need a ruler base to use rulers. Before you buy a ruler (they are a bit pricey) check out the creator's video on how to use--pretty informative.

I'd add that unlike many I don't like the "gripper" dots on my rulers as I often flip them or slide them along as I'm quilting. And remember that you aren't trying to push that ruler down hard, you are trying to hold it snug against the hopping foot.

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