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Yes, this is all good fun for sure. This monument in the Lava Beds National Monument is just a few minutes from our house. We take the car as there are too many diamond back rattlesnakes along the way.

We are going to get a copy of the film (if possible) and then gather our flashlights, instead of a spotlight, then a red carpet, I have some yellow police tape, we will all dress up and file into my backyard where we can show the film, the premier!!! on the wall of the house. Seating for everyone, then a barbeque, gatorade all around, we will be too old for booze, and just make a gala affair.

We have no idea what part he will get. There were only 4 advertised for European descent and 4 for Native Americans.
Yes, I thought about the Screen Actors Guild, but since I graduated from University of California in 1968, my diploma is already signed by Ronald Reagan.
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