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I agree, it just looks like sewing the pieces that are shown together, then joining the last pieces with Y-seams... There sure have been some unusual patterns in that Medallion quilt. I like the colors you used Jeanie. Your top looks nice as it is, quite big without going further.

Sorry to hear about your cat, Bev. I had a special cat that lived 17 years and slept with me at night. Pets are so special... Those of us with pets know that.

I've been working overtime for weeks, months really. It's getting me down. I haven't done much sewing lately. I have a commitment to doing the Old School BOM, so you will see me post there monthly anyway. :-) I finally got my sister to join QB. She is 'Duckling' and is doing the OSBOM. We've only done three 12" blocks so far, so if you want to do it too, please come join us! You'd have two weeks to make the first three blocks before the fourth block is posted mid-April. Easily done. They are simple blocks. The thread is in the Challenges Forum.
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