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Since we are of Scottish/English descent, he could only get a part that is US govt. cavalry. He would be the heavy and tell the Indians they can't move back to the ancestral lands. So.....

You might need a break from the Covid. So look up General R. E. S. Canby, read the account of the Modoc Indian War. There were 4000 U.S. Calvary and some 73 Indians. It's a very sad story. I used to ride my horse out there in the rocks looking for Indians. Never found any.

There were good and bad people on both sides. Let me give you some background from what I know of living there. I was born in 1946 and came there in 1949 as a 2 1/2 year old. The best book is by Cheewa Patricia James, Modoc the tribe that would not die. She is a descent of the Modoc named Shacknasty Jim, a very pretty lady who was a TV anchor at one point, now a motivational speaker and is still living.

There were 4 tribes that lived there: The Warm Springs, northern most, then the Chiloquin, then the Modocs that were on the California/Oregon border, then the Pitt River. There were a lot of other Indians around, but these are the tribes involved in this story. One could tell one from another by how they dressed, but each tribe had a personality. The Warm Springs actually changed sides and helped the U.S. Calvary catch Capt. Jack (Modoc). The Chiloquins were mostly alcoholics but a little on the holier than thou side. The Modocs were somewhat calm and usually the unwitting brunt of the other tribes schemes. But the Pitt Rivers were sneaky. They would dress up like Modocs and kill settlers, or rob wagon trains and then blame the Modocs. The surviving settlers would write to Washington, D. C. and demand that the U.S. Calvary come and get rid of the Modocs.

So Grant sent 4000 troops with instructions to remove the Modocs from their ancestral lands and make them live with the Chiloquins. They were enemies and had been forever. The Modocs kept asking to be sent back to the Lava Beds, but were denied, so they just escaped. Fighting broke out and it escalated to ambushing patrols. One, Lt. Harris was wounded, and word sent back to Philadelphia to his mother. She immediately went West to be with him, ridding on a train, wagon and finally a mule. The soldier died in her arms 16 days after he was shot.

Some of the more militant Modocs wanted their leader, Capt. Jack, to kill General Canby, and there is a whole story behind that. At a peace negotiation meeting, Canby was killed, the Methodist minister, Meacheam, who was somewhat bald, was in the process of being scalped, when one of the Indians yelled, Here come the soldiers. They really weren't coming then, but that scared away the militant Modocs who abandoned their horses. That gave the survivors time to minister to the preacher who had lost half his scalp. They offered him whiskey which he tried to refuse saying he belonged to the temperance bunch. Strange as it may seem, this man survived.

The Chiloquins rounded up all the Modoc's horses and took them back north. In 1956 my dad bought me a small grey mare that had come from the Chiloquin reservation. How many generations are there between 1873 and 1946 which is when this mare was foaled? Was my mare a Modoc Indian pony?

So I am concerned for my brother if he gets the General Canby part in the movie. I could go on and on, but if you are interested get that book.
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