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Default April 2021 Colorado Sewing Machine Get Together - Part 2


Dorothy, who is the only one of our group that sews professionally, tells us a little about her time on the job:

I hope this finds you all in good spirits and health!
Nothing vintage sewing wise, but I was sewing at worK.
Our facility was doing a much larger sample Design than is typical, as the client does trials at the Moab Easter Gathering.
All this leading to a lesson in "problem solving" on a binding machine. The machine is new, basic & runs well. Wed I was bragging how well it was doing, tensions good and tape moving through the folder well!
The next day, all Hope left the building when my fellow sewer said threads were fraying, changed needle & not pick up thread. The needle turned out to be 3/16" shorter than the one formerly in the machine (ugh). Dropped the needle and continued. Put a new roll of binding on and it would not go through the folder! New bobbin and bobbin thread wrapped around the hook assembly. Down. Not working.
Mechanic called in. Needle bar adjusted down to work with our common needle.
Bobbin issue - (pre wound) are rocking (too short, or core too big) catching on the latch and wrapping around the race.
Folder- the supplier provides the Max size is folder width, your tape should be less width. Previous folders (different supplier) would accept the width +/- .06". Found another folder moved it to the throat plate. Outer foot contacting the folder. Begged Mike to grind .125" off the toe and up and running.
Friday morning machine not working?!??
The hook is catching in the needle eye. You can hear & see it! Lowered the needle bar. Still needs smaller needle size (it was a 25, might need 22) or move hook back for more clearance. Back tack and thread wraps around the hook. (Something is still off.)
Needle hole is small, pristine and breaking needles readily, easily sewing through thickness. The hole will be enlarged. Abrasive cord in the hole.
Problem solving becomes a trial with so many variables at the same time. It will get resolved. Hopefully at our leisure without a deadline.
Sew On!

A little later, as a follow-up, Dorothy sent another note:

Our cat had surgery 3 weeks ago and was most uncomfortable with the plastic cone, slipping it off 4 times before she was brought home. Using quilting cotton, quilt batting and buckram, I devised a cone that has, for the most part, kept her from the stitches. I hope to make some to donate to the Vet my daughter interned with probably experimenting with a different stiffening material. I suspect a floral wire bound in at the edge would help prevent edge fold and accidental access to stitches.

It has worked well, she tolerates having it on. Demands neck scratches under the collar on a regular basis and hopefully, will get the last stitches removed this week.



Janey has acquired some things over this last snowy month. Among her delights are two apron patterns she was wanting (with help from Cheryl) and some handcranks for older sewing machines. She shares a little about her new things:

I really like aprons, but do not use them. I have always liked the aprons that my grandmothers wore. I found that Simplicity 3544 was the most like the ones that I remember. I also like Simplicity 4282, Maybe, someday, I may actually make one. It does take a lot of bias tape, which I would probably have to make. Fortunately, I also have a set of bias tape makers that would make it easier.


As mentioned last month, "the rubber on the finger fell apart" and needed something to buffer the metal. That hand crank was bought from Sew-Classic. I ended up trying some plastic tubing. I found that if I used the 1/2" ID 5/8" OD that it would fit on the finger that had lost its rubber. I also had some 5/8" ID, 3/4" OD that I managed to put over the smaller tubing. It actually fills in between between the spokes so there isn't as much play.


I only had one of the two hand cranks that I had ordered from Amazon, recently. John has tried one on his 128, but not the other. John noticed that there is a difference in the feel of the hand cranks. It appears that most of the hand cranks have the same picture. I found one that had different pictures and ordered one of each.

In Closing

With summer coming, we all hope for times where we can interact more personally. Until then, this thread is a way to share things between ourselves and with others. We will post again next month with our springtime activities.

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