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Default Dresden Plate Spring challenge 2021

I'm not sure if there are any rules about who can start a challenge or a sew along but if I am allowed I would like to start one! I figured it could be a "spring 2021 challenge" so we can make a timeline of June 20th since that's the end of Spring. The challenge is to make a quilt of any size using Dresden Plates. We all are at different levels so you can make it as complicated or as simple as you would like...or maybe dig into your UFO for your old dresden plate quilt that is longing to be finished...

I bought a bunch of yellows and am going to make them into sunflowers, I am thinking 9 blocks? I like throw size quilts so it will be a maximum of 60x60. I'm not keen on having to do applique centres as I don't have much experience with applique but quilting is all about learning/practising new skills right?

I've already cut out each plate and wow did I overestimate how much fabric I would need, lol. I am about to log off and go sew the ends of each plate into a point.

Anyone interested in joining me?
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