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Default Endless Chain Quilt Finished and Gifted!

I learned last year while finding myself homeschooling our then 3 and 5 year olds that while I normally love to read, it was too difficult for me to do that while helping them with schoolwork. I needed something that I could easily start and stop and didn't require a whole lot of thinking from me. Luckily, when my husband had some vacation in December, we set up a little sewing station for me in the space where we do "school" and when we came back from Winter Break, away I went!

I pulled out a project I had already printed, cut, and sewn a couple blocks and then put away. Endless Chain by Marcia Hohn (QuiltersCache) is easy peasy straight line paper pieced sewing. Super easy to sew - literally straight lines, and quite fuss-free to put together. I think auditioning borders was the hardest part!

It was going to a friend/coworker who had just gotten surprise married. Friend and I play professionally together in an orchestra so I added some clefs in the vertical diamonds and some words in the horizontal diamonds. I've been an avid fan of Angela Walters' videos (Midnight Quilter and MQS, anyone?) so her dot to dot technique was absolutely perfect in this quilt. She also did a Dot to Dot FMQ challenge series on YouTube a couple years ago which was where I got the idea for the border and I love it because it perfectly mimics the design from inside the stars. All I had to do was draw a few reference dots for myself since I quickly found that I was really bad at lining up the center point of the angle. I do my quilting now on a 7700 so I think it's a little harder to see those things vs working on a longarm.

Friend and his new wife have decided to hang it on a wall! Funny - my brother does that too with his wedding quilt. It's not up to me what they do with it but as long as they're happy, I'm happy

Thanks for looking!

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