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Originally Posted by oksewglad View Post
Oh what fun! And such a cute quilt.

It's been 3 years since I brought my LA in. One thing I don't regret is keeping track of each quilt I finished. I use a simple stenographer's notebook. What I write:
1. Date
2. Short quilt description
3. Size (w x l)
4. Backing (Wide or pieced)
5. Thread type and color
6. Stitch used (FMQ design or pantograph name)
7. Type of batting
8. Problems encountered and/or what I learned

The reason I put in size is I figure total square inches divided by 1296 (# sq in in sq yd) multiplied by $12 to get an idea of what it would cost if I quilted by check. The $12 figure is probably low, but I am also an inexperienced LA'er. I keep a running total of "savings" to see how long it will take to recoup on my investment.

This has been a valuable resource as i improve my skills.
I do the same. I also add the measured size of the quilt top, then remeasure after quilting and write that down, and if I remember, I also measure again after washing the finish quilt. That way I start to get a feel for how much a quilt will shrink after quilting and the first washing. Oh, and I also started adding a system for flagging what happened to the quilt. So all the quilts I made for charity are flagged with one color, all the quilts given away to family and friends with another color. It is fun to go back and see. I did think I would give every one out of every five quilts I made to charity too when I started.
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