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Default June Tailor ruler and log cabin trimming tool

Hi - I have questions on two different "tools."

I've been looking at different cutting tools because I can't cut a straight line no matter what I do. Is the June Taylor slotted ruler worth the money in your opinion? It looks good from what I can see so I'd like to know what others think of it. The only disadvantage I can see is that the largest ruler only cuts in 2" increments, and the rulers that do cut in smaller widths are too small to use on a large piece of fabric. Are there other slotted rulers that might be better? Does this ruler really work? I am seriously straight line challenged it seems.

Second question is about CreativeGrid's log cabin trimming tool. This is another one I want to try but not sure if it's worth the money. I just made my first log cabin quilt, loved doing it and want to make more. The extra square in the middle looks like it makes squaring up much easier. For those who use this do you find it helpful? Do your squares come out more "square?"
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