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I love my QuiltCut Strip Savvy XL Slotted Quilting Ruler. I've had it for a little over a year. It has slots on each 1" and 1/2" interval. If you ever need to cut something with 1/4" measurement (say you need 2.25" strips), you can still use the ruler to do so: 1) make a clean starting cut 2) reposition the ruler so that 1/4" of fabric is beyond the starting cut slot (there is line marking this) 3) cut on the appropriate slot (2" slot for this example). (Doing a lot of strips this way does mean reposition the ruler after each strip.) My cuts are perfectly straight and I never have to worry about the ruler slipping on long cuts. (When using a regular ruler, I sometimes forget to walk my hand up the ruler on long cuts, which easily results in a slip.)

When this ruler *really* shines (to me), is sub-cutting strips into squares (or rectangles). Just get the fabric placed properly and then zip-zip-zip cutting down each appropriate slot. With a regular ruler, I have to move the ruler after each cut and pay attention that the ruler is still straight. A small thing that is very nice is there are symbols marking where the repeats are for each of the 1.5" (stars) and 2.5" strips (hexagons). Which makes it much easier to find the right slot when cutting many strips (so no math needed when moving from the 6th to the 7th 2.5" strip cut). I'm working on a project with lots of small squares and I love being able to produce a big batch of squares really fast.

When I was researching my options, I found this review comment helpful: "The QuiltCut slots are about 1 1/2 inch longer than the Greative Grids slots. This means no more missed cuts at the beginning and end of cutting a full width of fabric folded twice. I really hate those threads that just seem to hang on. With the Quil Cut, I have a full 1 1/2 inch more rotary blade travel before and after. The Creative Grids gives you half inch before and half inch after you make the cuts. Also, this one is 22 inches wide as compared to the 20 inches of the Creative Grids."

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