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It is good to see you again! Of course the pandemic has captured all of us in its grasp one way or another. I have stayed busy making quilts. I have completed 12 quilt tops and only quilted 2 of them. I am looking at one on the floor right now that I am hoping I can QAYG and complete it. I am getting ready to send several out to be LA'ed. None of the tops sitting here are very large which is very different for me but that is just how it is right now. Many will end up as charity quilts.
Being retired I have the luxury of planning my days around dr. appts and quilting. The majority of my time I have to my own vices. I choose quilting and spending time here and doing other online activities. I recently, a bit over a year ago, I bought an Accuquilt system and that has kept my quilt making into a very organized planning for making my quilts. I have enough different dies that I can make a different quilt every month for several years. That I am looking forward to.
It sounds like you have a full plate with home schooling and quilting. I understand the loss of contact with others. I plan to go to my first quilt guild meeting in months in just a couple weeks. I have had both vaccines now and using safe practices I feel safe going out now..
I hope this insures that you have quilting buddies and crafty friends here on the board. Do jump right back in and join the fun.
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