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I am back!!! I have been trying to log on for months!! Wow. I finally got logged in and will keep the new password handy!. I have missed all of you. Hello, hello, and hel-lo! I am still alive and kicking! I cleaned my QR a bit and may get into it to sew on Homespun again, but it sounds like problems ahead....I cannot believe Jeannie is struck, and I will be out of luck for sure. Of course I remember we can substitute, or adjust to our own ways for each block.

Hope everyone is OK and doing fine. Spring is here, but still wearing long johns every other day. Have high hopes and plants ordered and seeds too. Have a new dehydrator. Gearing up to do spring cleaning, too...when I run out of free books to read on my Kindle Fire...old one daughter sent to me and the new one I got for Christmas....just downloaded another 14 books. Finally learned how to delete off of the Kindle and went too far! Ha. Now to gear up to the 200 mark or more again.
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