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Originally Posted by tlynnc View Post
Thank you all for your replies but I'm not learning what I think is missing. Does anyone do anything else with EPP that isn't just a hexagon or triangle? Also, everything I see is all hexagons and Triangles. Nothing seems to use any imaginative quilting either, just straight lines.
I think the EPP is being used mostly where you have Y seams. It's the only kind of piecing that is not more easily done by machine. It CAN be done, but it's tricky, so a lot of people prefer EPP. This is probably why everything you see is all hexagons and triangles - those make for nonstop Y seams.

If you're "only" seeing straight line quilting, do a google image search, keep digging. I have seen some beee youuuu teee ful quilting done on EPP quilts, from lovely baptist fans to gorgeous custom quilting. Here's just one example:

Originally Posted by tlynnc View Post
I'm not finding any real creativity being done with EPP and it is frustrating because I see such great potential here.
I can't wait to see what you come up with! ☺️

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