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My sewing room is only 9.5' x 9.5' with a window facing North. I like the window light coming over my left shoulder so I put my sewing table on the East wall.
I then measured all the furniture that I had to have in the room. I put the ironing board, a small dresser for UFOs and trims, and several bins of finished quilts under the window.
I took the sliding doors off of the closet on the West wall and built shelves for battings, other finished projects, bolts of fabric and a bin of large pieces of good linen, and some crochet stuff.
I then ironed and folded all my fabric and sorted it by color separating any holiday fabrics. I measured the stacks to determine how much shelf space I needed. Then I bought 5 shelves that are 29"W x78"H and put 2 of them next to my machine and 3 on the South wall right up to the door.. They are white laminate book shelves about 10" deep that I found at Scandinavian Design on sale. I did have to add more shelves, but those were cheap at Home Depot.
next to the machine the shelf holds button tins, rip-stop nylon for making flags/ kites, big clear plastic jars of thread separated by color, containers with extra pins, needles, bobbins, assorted presser feet, assorted tools, and a small first aid kit for poked fingers.
The second shelf on that East wall holds Backing fabrics, patterns both purchased and hand drawn, quilt books and magazines. the bottom shelf has 4 small bins w/fabric, pattern and tread for quilts to be.
The 3 shelves on the South wall are all fabrics except the top shelf that has my penny bank to buy more fabric and some do-dads that I love. it's tight but works. what I do miss is a felt design wall and a big cutting table so I don't make too many huge quilts.
measure your walls, your furniture, your fabrics and then decide what storage pieces you will need.
You will be very happy with you new organized space.
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