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Default Hello Everyone!

I know I haven't been here in a long time. You may not remember me.

II haven't even been sewing except for a few masks. My health has been getting worse, but thankfully I haven't had the virus. I have been having lots of tests. I am now having to eat only diabetic friendly foods. I am fine with it. I am losing some weight.

I use to be out this time of year doing some minor planting, but I am not up to that unless it's a hanging basket. I do have 2 plants on a table next to me. A heart Rhodadenrin and a prayer plant. But, always time with my dear husband, our two fur kids, and most of all God. I do deep bible study as I can. It gives me such peace and joy.

I enjoyed looking on the board tonight, and reading up a bit on all you ladies on here. I am always thinking of you. I tend to forget more these days, and had a mini stroke about a month ago. Take care, and I will be around.

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