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Thank you my friends I am so blessed with such wonderful people in my life here and in real life. I so enjoy all that you gals create and all you discuss here!! As I always say you make this swap stay alive with your conversations and pictures.

I am trying to downsize too. I have had boxes piled at one end of my table for a long time. My grandson built a large closet for me and I filled it but still have stuff to find a home for. I am so tired of walking around STUFF LOL
I know it is hard to make decisions. We live in a small home and I am a terrible horrible collector LOL And when my mom moves something out of her house it ends up in mine more often than not! I just have to grit my teeth and let go of things that aren't really that important to me.

I want to get a recumbent exercise bike for both hubby and me. So I do have motivation to get my self in gear to sort and get rid of stuff to make room for the recumbant bike. this is the kind that has a real seat to it not a small bike seat. My seat won't fit on a regular bike seat any more LOL So this one you are sitting and working your legs and arms. I fell in love iwth the NuStep one in therapy the first time I did therapy on my knee 5 yrs ago. This time with my breathing problems this is the perfect answer for me. I also have a treadmill so both will help a lot. So just have to push myself to walk on the treadmill more.

The Midwest had an unexpected snow fall this morning. I get up about noon so I never saw it. It melted soon after landing. thank goodness! LOL We want flowers and warm weather and NO MORE SNOW LOL
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