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Originally Posted by Teen View Post
IHappy Graduation, Rhonda!! I think that is so cool that the RNís celebrated something so important... we are proud of you and hope you can continue to do so well...fantastic picture.... those grand babies need you....and we do too! So keep up the progress! Big Hug!! your farm wall hanging! Exceptional work...geesh... she should love this...

Skaduzy....downsizing is an overwhelming process, for sure. I can hear it in my momís voice when I call...Iím so grateful that two of my siblings are local to her and are doing most of the work. She officially vacates and moves in with sister over Motherís Day weekend. Iíll be back to help with selling off the contents and putting the house on the market. I call everyday..twice a interrupt her day so she doesnít do too much....our calls last an hour so I feel better knowing my calls force her to rest. Anywhooo...itís almost over... Iím glad to hear Cliff is doing well....that trip to hospital was scary, I bet. We take lots of roads trips to see our new home state to avoid the stir crazies! Having a new home has helped since we spend time with projects. This week...fencing for 3 acres of pasture. Michael teases me that we are going to start raising goats. NOT! Lol... hang in there and continue to keep safe!
Thanks Teen you are the best swapper and friend!! I'm glad you joined our swap when you did!! I love all the creations you serve up each time!!!
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