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Default Update on Toaster Oven

Recently I posted a question about how y'all used your toaster oven (if you have one). Well, today I thought I'd just give you a short update on mine. We purchased it mainly to re-heat pizza as my DH does not like soggy pizza & the microwave makes all bread soggy. I didn't want to fire up the big oven for just one or two pieces of left over pizza all the time so we decided to buy a T/O & see if that worked for us. Well, it works fine & now I've slowly been testing it out on other things. I made up some choc. chip cookie dough last week & am now making cookies in the T/O (6 at a time is perfect for me & DH).
I've also discovered that I can butter my bread before making toast & make my delicious cinnamon toast in the mornings.
The T/O makes a great grilled cheese sandwich.
Yesterday we were almost out of croutons & we love those in our salads. So, I got online & found a recipe for croutons in a T/O & they were delicious!
I will discover more & more as I go along but so far I am loving that little toaster/oven. I'm beginning to feel like the American Test Kitchen. I like the fact that it has instant on heat & does not require any pre-heating.
Here's the one we bought:
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