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I used to go thru toasters yearly though I don't make toast often so decided to go with a toaster oven instead. I still used it only to toast bread though, never got gutzy enough to try other things though I'm single. Now I'm moving up in the world and got an 8 in 1 air fryer that toasts, broils, bakes, fries and other things. My toaster oven will go to a thrift shop as its still in great shape. Haven't got to try the air fryer yet as my kitchen has been in remodel mode for the past 7 months, shortly coming to a finish within days. Reason for such a long period of time is due to shortage of materials for the project. Was also having a sunroom built onto it too. Now just found out my storm door will be 8 weeks before I get it but everything else will be done by this week.
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