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Default Itís Peony time in PA

I love peonies, their beautiful colors as well as their scent. My only complaint is that their season is way too short. Recently my son sent me a link at which we are told how to keep them for months and enjoy them later.

Here is what I learned. When the bulbs is starting to open and are the size of a marshmallow, cut the stem, remove all leaves, then wrap them in newspaper and put them in the frig until you want a bouquet. I have three in one bundle and two in another. I plan to pick a few more when another bush is ready and wrap them one in each bundle just to see how it works out. I plan to open in July. They are to keep for several months. This is how florists keep them for summer weddings.

Anyone with this experience have anything to add? If not, Iíll talk to you again at the reveal.
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