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I realized just how much yardage I had when the rod came down in the closet in my sewing room. I had to box up all the stuff to keep until my husband could fix the rod. Now I'm on a mission to use up a lot of that fabric. My solution to having too much is to get sewing!

I don't use anything fancy to store stuff. i have shelves on the walls with the strips and shelving and have smaller cuts of fabric stored in plastic boxes. Ditto with trims and notions. I've only bought a few fabrics for the last few years and I'm working at using up what I have. Some of the "what was I thinking fabrics got used for pajama pants. Same with some of my rayons (they make the nicest pj pants). I do get rid of some pieces of fabric that I'm sure I won't use and don't keep that many small scraps. I don't get in a hurry where i "have" to have things gone now. I've learned my lesson with that. When I start tossing stuff just to pretend I'm organizing, I end up spending more money to buy it later because I need it. What a waste!
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