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I love blueberries. I mainly use them in my yogurt. I buy the plain unsweetened kind and add blueberries and sunflower seeds to it. I also throw in blueberries to other recipes I have. I just added a cup or so to my banana bread recipe I use. As I only have frozen berries, I thawed them first. Yikes....the batter turned a really lovely shade of grey! But when I baked it, it turned out the usual color, just a bit darker brown. I also add a cup of walnuts to the recipe rather then the 1/4 cup it calls for. Oh, last summer, we made a fresh raspberry pie. The kind where you prebake the crust, add a bunch of fresh berries and then top with the berry glaze. I was thinking it would taste wonderful made with blueberries too. I think there are lot of recipes also for fresh strawberry pie that would also work just subbing the blueberries.
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