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Thanks for the replies!!
I read somewhere that colors could transfer when stacked without separation.
I think I will just buy some cheap cotton sheets from walmart to separate at least the new unused ones.
Little more info.
None of the quilts are antique. Most are less then10 or 20 years old, a few have never been used.
She was able to tell me a few days ago that she always washed the material before quilting so it wouldn't shrink. Her short term memory is gone, long term memory is not as bad.
Unfortunately for the last 4 or 5 years (maybe longer) the quilts have been folded, closed up in a unused bedroom. I was finally able to get the bedroom cleaned out so the quilts can be spread out properly. She had a pickup truck load of "quilt scraps" that I gave to a cousin who still quilts.
I still need to decide about airing out or washing them. I have quilt soap and a box of color catchers. I have been doing a good bit of reading about how to do this.
Again, thanks for the help!
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