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hi i am on a facebook..but i am not sure about this specific area.. good idea though. .may sound strange but I have been trying to avoid social media it makes me sad and i feel really alone on there..

when i first i thought " what a neat gift from the universe when i found it" and pluged it in to see if it worked or needed repair. i was terrrible in homeck class back in the 80s! and still horrible with sew machine.. they had a piece of paper nicely folded and holding the 2 threads in place. I thought I am gonna give it a spin. and just like the 80s i got it all tangled and jammed.. so i am hoping to get it back where the owner had it. I should have left it alone. at first i thought well maybe it is broken and that is why they left it out

but after i looked it up.. I started getting different feelings.

hopefully i can get it untangled and straighted out. the things on the bottom that go up and down are locked up at the top (not a very helpful description sorry) they might be "feeders" ?

we have "next door" here which is local for this area. i posted on that. . and i will try some facbook looking in a bit.

thank you
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