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I have next door in my neighborhood here in Portland and I think it is great. People seem very nice and helpful. I've met some great folks and during the shut down joined a lovely book club. I would start there. No, they don't teach those life skills in school anymore. There's no time for them since our kids have to pass damn tests all the time and everyone is on "track to go to college". Yes, there are lots of ways to learn to sew. I tutor people to sew and it has been great fun. Of course, you can learn anything on youtube if you are that sort of person. I like the human way of learning. My LQS (local quilt shop) has a sewing class. They start off making pajamas which I think are difficult but hey there's good learning there. My advice is if you keep this machine after an honest effort to find the owner, take it to a repair shop and have it serviced. There's nothing worse than trying to sew with faulty equipment. Spend some money and get all the sewing equipment such as good scissors, pins, needles, measuring tape. Then find a class or teacher and do not give up. Stop expecting yourself to have trouble or fail. Nothing is easy the first time you try it! How many times did you fall down when you were learning to walk! Good luck and for heaven's sake, enjoy yourself!
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