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Default It's her fault...

I ripped a zipper last week, dug out the ole fashion mate 5560 to put a new one in and my daughter came to visit and caught me. “Dad, you still sew?!” Growing up mom taught me to make my clothes and later I worked in furniture upholstery, so I know my way around a machine a little. Tried to teach her but she wanted nothing to do with it. “Make me a quilt”, she said.

She doesn't ask for much and to be honest I have always wanted to try. I stuck the 5560 back in the closet and picked up what I hope is a decent quilting machine (got a great deal on a package) at my local dealer. I asked her to give me until next Christmas to learn. Yesterday I started what I think is called an ugly quilt with a hand full of scraps I was given.

One day I hope to look back on this and say, I remember when, but until then I need your help, It's her fault I am here. Almost 10 years ago my son asked me to quit smoking. If I can do that, I can do this, right?
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