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Default New and looking for Quilting Friends

Hello! I'm Shannon and I live in Maryland. I'm married with two grown children and a Xolo (Mexican Hairless) dog. I have quilted on and off (mostly off) for about 28 years. I'm going through a lot of back problems and family issues and quilting is helping me through. I enjoy applique quilts because of the handwork, it's very relaxing. I just took a break from my part time job (I was a homemaker for about 20 years and started working about three years ago) because of back problems. I'm hoping to find some quilting friends here online, being at home can get a bit lonely.

The family issues I referred to are my 20 year old daughter left our home unexpectedly in December. We disagreed with some of her life choices and she has cut us out of her life. The reason I'm sharing this here is that one of the comforts I have is that I made her a quilt years ago and had it longarm quilted. We picked out the designs and threads together and one of the designs was "I love You" was quilted into the border. When she came back to get some of her stuff I gave her that quilt. My hope and prayer is that she is using it and one day will realize how much we do love her and restore the relationship with us.

I'm an introvert so it's hard for me to make new friends, but I'm hoping to find some here. I hope you all have a wonderful day!
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