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You've made a lot of progress!

Originally Posted by Iceblossom View Post
25 completed star blocks! All have the same solid blue/yellow and there are are different "Michigan" fabrics in the centers.While the heat wave broke, it is still plenty warm out there. After I got the blocks done we went for a drive midday, or tried to anyway. I thought traffic seemed rather light for a major holiday weekend, and it was -- until we got to just south of Everett where it turned into bumper-to-bumper all lanes as far as the eye could see. We made it through to the first exit we could and had a lovely drive back home.

I'll be alternating these fan blocks with a print and fans alternating blocks. So today's task and count: 256 fan blades.

I'm using what I call the Eleanor Burns rickrack technique for the fans. Have already made the "pie" pieces and cut the foundation blocks.
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