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Wow, this is insane. I've got two - 17x7" boxes full of 2.5" mini charms and it looks like I am needing a third! I just bought 12 more boxes... I plan on organizing my fabrics better. The large totes which houses the bulk of my fabric will need to be replaced as they don't all fit into the closet. Crazy how my stash has grown just in this past year alone. I really need to dig in and figure out how to fit a quilt into my work week. Course instead of using up my 2.5, I cut a bunch of 5.5 from my purple, blue and green batiks and am making a skirt. It's slow going due to my ailments but after today I've got three of the five tiers done.
One of these days we should just set a date and start sewing our charms up.

DD went to Walmart for me and found two of the small table cloths... now I have a design wall. Well, none of our "walls" are free but I'll find someplace to tack it up.
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