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WendyMcD, I am giggling with you. I have finished 5 quilts this year using 2.5s. With an average of 800 squares per quilt, that makes 4000 of those sweet candies used and I have more to go. My current challenge is I want particular particular colors for the Jacob's Ladder quilt and I am out, O-U-T of purple. Even my stash is out of purple. So, a-shopping-I-will-go but only for purple. It may be time to make something truly scrappy without a color plan that will allow me to use more of the remaining colors randomly.

I bought 13x9 boxes from the Dollar Store earlier this year and sorted my squares by color. It is just grand to pull out a box of just blue or just yellow and not have to sort or search. I share the idea again, just because you are in an organizing "mood" and for me this works. They are light weight, stack up well and can hold an amazing amount of little squares. For me the investment was oh, so worth it.

Any one else have organizing ideas for their squares to share with us?
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