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Hi Laurie, love the 13x9 Iíll have to get a bunch, love!!! That idea. Mine are 7Ē deep so I have to prop them up. Now that Iím doing them my color I need to have the shorter depth.

Hope the pic loaded.

Been at it all night, Some nights I canít sleep from my diseases, or their meds. I kept all of last years birthday cards, which is how I knew your name. We should make a list of handles and names. I canít remember much, it would be helpful. Havenít even touched the purchased minis yet and Iíve a bag of scraps.

Anyone here wanna swap for my 2020ís? I read the instructions and I think it said 35. I was so excited to be here that I had 37 done. We swapped like 25? I swapped with some friends but Iíve got a few left. 🤪

Back to it. Actually off to order more boxes. Itís gonna be awesome to have these done. Then Iíll start on my 5Ē,,, or maybe I should cut scraps. Yeeehaw! 🥰
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